Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hello From the Heat Box

As I write this it is currently 100 degrees in Delhi (but it "feels like" a 123 according to weather.com) and I am sweating despite being in the presence of AC and fans ( I can thank the Fletcher genes for that :) Luckily today is my last day in this oppressive heat as I am flying to Hong Kong this evening en route to China/Tibet.

My last month in India was as good as my first though it involved a lot more traveling. I spit my time up between Darjeeling and Sikkim, both wonderful places that to me felt nothing like India but instead like Nepal. Sikkim, in particular is much cooler, quieter, cleaner, more mountainous, and less populated than the other places I have been to in India, which was a welcome change.

In terms of my project, both places were of great interest. In Darjeeling I was able to interview Tibetans who do not speak Tibetan as well as Tibetan Muslims. And in Sikkim I was even able to locate a Tibetan-Christian family: never before had I met a Tibetan named Grace.

So tomorrow I will be in Hong Kong and then hopefully I will make it to Lhasa (the capital of Tibet) by June 4th or 5th. Since I will be there for my final two months, I am going to try and see as much of the country as possible because who knows when I will next have the time and funds to visit the country. Because of this I will therefore be roaming around a lot (much like a Tibetan nomad, except that I will be traveling by land cruiser and not on foot) and so I have no idea what my access to the internet will be like. However, I will certainly try my best to keep you all updated on what is going on.

Unfortunately I was not able to borrow a digital camera so I have no photos of the last month to show you. However, I just did a google search for Sikkim and Darjeeling and so you can see other people's photos of these wonderful places by clicking on the links below.

Ok then, hope everyone is well, and next time you hear from me hopefully I will not be dripping but instead freezing in the high altitudes of Tibet.

Sikkim Pics: http://images.google.co.in/images?q=Sikkim&hl=en

Darjeeling Pics: http://images.google.co.in/images?svnum=10&hl=en&lr=&q=Darjeeling